It’s only paint…

If you are a parent, you will know what I am talking about…that instinctive feeling you have that your offspring is up to something.  Their eyes flit sideways to make sure no one is coming up from behind them and they have no idea that you have been watching them for a while.  When you come up to them and ask, “what are you doing?”, they most often will say the banal, “oh, nothing” or “oh, stuff”, or give you an unbelievable story of what they are doing.

My husband must have been feeling better today, for which I am grateful.  I was at my computer and I happened to look over into the kitchen because he was making his afternoon tea.  What’s dangerous with him is that he has to do something while waiting for the water to boil.

I didn’t know exactly what he was up to but the old parental signals triggered me…his eyes were moving sideways to make sure I wasn’t in the area.  I saw him get something from under the sink and start wiping the stove.  After he’d done that, he did the flitting movement again and sensing nothing, he put the item back under the sink.  Made his tea and left the area whistling.

After he’d gone, I quickly went over to assess the damage.  Looked under the sink…he’d used Comet PLUS a brillo pad…on the stove…and as you can well see on the photo…areas of paint are now missing.


Considering what we’ve both been through this past week, I’m not saying a word…neither of us need to raise our blood pressure.  So, I’m just going to chuckle and just be grateful that he’s still able to do dumb stuff…after all, it’s only paint…

til next time…Eva

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