Musing about weddings and bridesmaids

My daughter is a bridesmaid in her college room mate’s wedding this Saturday. While waiting in the airport for her flight to come in, I got to reminiscing about being a bridesmaid in general

My daughter and her other room mate from college are both in the wedding…short emerald green satin dresses, one shoulder with massive detailing on the front.  The shoes are 5 inch silver stiletto heels(they look like the Fredericks of Hollywood heels from my youth).  The last time my daughter wore heels of any height (not even close to this) she damaged her instep. (she was in HS then) and couldn’t walk for weeks(had to use crutches and the elevator…everyone wanted to help her so that they could ride on the elevator!)  She has informed me that she can’t walk in them and “if the wedding is going to be outside, I better be holding onto someone!”

I told her that the crutches were still at home—she was NOT amused!  She and her friend bought gold flip flops for the reception.

I remember the wedding I was in for a college friend…I found the photograph the other day while de-cluttering…and looking at it brought me no joy.  Pastel colors…blue, green, yellow, pink, lavender and apricot.  Unflattering spaghetti strap knit gowns with a blousy chiffon over blouse.  I still remember when the bride was ordering flowers…when the florist asked if the “girls were petite” he responded with a laugh, “no, they are the giant economy size!”

Being in that wedding cured me from ever being a bridesmaid again.  Her gown had never been pressed…so since I’d been a bridal consultant, I knew how to press gowns.  Her cousin decided the day before the wedding that she didn’t want to wear the apricot colored gown because it “made her look washed out”…so she was given my blue gown and I got the apricot one…which washed me out!

On the day of the wedding, the cake never arrived to the reception.  Her father finally got a hold of them(the wedding was on a Sunday) and they literally slapped something together and brought it to the reception halfway through.  When her father went to them that week asking for a refund, their response was, “if we did that, we wouldn’t stay in business.”  and his response was, “if I don’t get a refund, trust me, you won’t be in business long anyway.”

At some point after that disastrous wedding, I realized that we’d never really been friends anyway

I know I hear that often…that friendships are very strained…and I sincerely hope that won’t be the case for my daughter and her other room mate.  Both of them have remarked that they never realized how expensive a venture aka experience this was going to be.

I look forward to hearing more about this wedding after the weekend!

til next time…Evadoor flower 005adoor rose by Eva made from music paper 2015

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