Dry Cat Food

009aphoto by Eva 2015

I kept forgetting to get Kitty dry cat food this week…the box was already empty two days ago(now, that does not mean he still didn’t have some in his bowl though and he also had wet cat food).  I came home this afternoon from the store and realized I had forgotten it yet again and thought to myself, “oh, I’ll pick some up tomorrow morning when I have to go out anyway…”

Well, scratch that idea.  All during dinner I could see him glaring at me…he would walk over to his bowl, turn around and look at me, drink a little water as if to say, “see, poor me, all I have is water…” and lay down and glare at me again.  While I was washing the dishes, he came over to my legs and kept rubbing them and meowing.  It was pitiful.

No other option but to get in the car and drive to the local store(it didn’t hurt that I had forgotten to buy laundry detergent and toilet paper as well…).  Looking over the entire selection of dry cat food looking for his “Kit n Kaboodle”, there were no small boxes or bags(and this is not the first time…that food sells out so quickly in this area)…I could have bought something else but then he wouldn’t have eaten it…no other option but to buy the…11 pound bag!

He saw me dragging in the bag and waited patiently while I cut a corner in the top and filled up both of his bowls.  He ate his fill and now I feel I have been forgiven…for this time.  He is presently sleeping next to the filled bowl…

The house is peaceful once again…

til next time…Eva


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