The Quilt

My neighbor and I enjoy going to yard sales and church jumble sales every chance we get.  She works on Saturdays a lot so whenever she is free we make it a point to go and usually leave early…sometimes the yardsales start at 7 am so that means an early start.

Today we did a few local ones because she had a bridal shower to attend in the afternoon.  I usually take my roll of quarters and a few ones but today I also had a $10 bill stashed away “just in case”…  We have found that towards the end of summer, the yard sales tend to be pretty good because people want to get rid of their things and price them pretty cheaply.  There was one house today where we know the owner goes to a lot of auctions and sells on Ebay a lot…so he was eager to get rid of the excess items from the box lots…I got a whole box of items for 75 cents…one being a vintage Westclox Baby Ben wind up alarm clock…with the bonus being that it actually works!

I got a box of ribbons on rolls…a big box of ribbons on rolls…(you should have seen my husband’s face on that one…I already have a huge box of ribbons….”but I didn’t have these colors…”…he just rolled his eyes…  Add to that I got two adjustable screens for the windows(he appreciated that…), several pairs of vintage clip earrings that I will use for my fabric and paper flowers, two small cupcake pans made in England with four in each(he got all excited when he saw them and mumbled “Bakewell Tarts….”…and during dinner proceeded to tell me exactly what was needed to make Bakewell tarts…guess who will have to make them…?  Will keep you posted on that one…

And the “piece de resistance” was a vintage quilt…there it was at this one yard sale…all folded up…a patchwork quilt of triangles made into squares, muted faded colors along with muslin…hand quilted, full sized.  I touched it lovingly and admired the handiwork and the fact that it was perfect…no spots anywhere.  My first thought was, “oh, this is going to be an expensive one…”  When I turned the little price tag over and saw “$10″…I had to blink….thought it might have been $100…no…$10.  And the fact that no one had bought it yet?  Well, that baby was coming home with me.

When I went up to pay, the couple said it was handmade by the man’s mother who had just passed away and they were in the process of emptying the house.  I was so appreciative and they smiled saying they were glad it was going to be loved.

I got home, hung it outside for a bit to air and it is now on my white iron daybed.  I go into the room and just sigh with joy…the room that just three weeks ago was so cluttered and horrible…is now an oasis of peace and tranquility…amazing what decluttering and an vintage  quilt can do to a room :).001atil next time…Eva

2 thoughts on “The Quilt

  1. Love the colors of the quilt! Amazing, wonder how many people will now have $10.00 in their pocket? Love, Doris

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