country roads 001aA friend of mine wanted to go down to a college town about an hour or so away to check out whether it would be a fit for when she and her husband want to move.  He commutes over an hour to that general area and had told her it was getting old and he would like to live closer for the last years before retirement.

We went down to check out what the housing situation looked like, any local shops and restaurants/coffee shops/bakeries, etc., and generally the ambiance of the area.  She picked a college town for the possibility of cultural activities on campus that are open to the public.

We had a gorgeous day…the drive down through the country side couldn’t have been better planned.  Blue skies with fluffy white clouds, the farm fields filled with tall corn stalks and hay, cows, sheep, horses and llamas…a real Pennsylvania Dutch countryside.

We drove around the town looking at the possible homes for sale(there was one simply amazing one…a stone rancher built in 1952 with massive trees out front…one acre of land.  When I got home and checked out the photographs, the inside was just as attractive as the outside…only thing not attractive was the cost…

Ate lunch at a nice coffee shop(a tuna wrap and coffee) and checked out the various stops…she adores vintage and antique shops and inevitably found a few items to take home.  On the way home we stopped at a farm market and I was finally able to get some ripe peaches…too bad my daughter wasen’t home this week because she loves peaches as much as I do. (when I was pregnant with her, the two things I craved the whole pregnancy were peaches and soft pretzels!  Two of her all time favorite foods are…you guessed it…peaches and soft pretzels!)

On the home stretch there is a diner that has been there for as long as I can remember.  My mother and I used to go there quite often when we would go down to Myerstown to shop for plants at Laysers and quilting fabric at Martins Fabric store.  The diner, Kumm Esse(Come Eat), hadn’t changed since the 50s…and it felt like a time warp with everything…the food was real home cooking(my favorite of Vegetable Beef soup…made from all of the leftover vegetables from the day before…with a lovely roll and butter) and their Fresh Strawberry Pie was famous.

As we passed by, I just noticed that the strawberry sign wasn’t there…thinking maybe they were getting a new one, I then noticed there were no cars in the parking lot nor was there any lights on in the diner.  It was then I saw the sign saying “Coming Soon…”…NOOOOOOOO……  An Italian restaurant…

My heart is heavy tonight.  Another icon from my childhood is gone.  I hope I can find a recipe for the strawberry pie….

til next time…Eva


2 thoughts on “Icons

  1. Won’t have any problems in YouTube. Class on Tuesday, Apple instructor told us to check you tube for pumpkin. Saw pumpkin pie recipes for 960 million. Class is held in Willow Valley Club House. Finished beginners. Next Intermediate. Takes 12/ class. $50.00 for 6 classes. Wonder if that is the number of people that entered looking for the recipe. Said pumpkin pie recipes. Love, Doris

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    • I can well imagine the strawberry pie recipe will be online somewhere…when I find it, I will make one and put it on here! Great you are taking the computer classes. It opens up a whole new world, doesn’t it?!

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