The Sticky Bun and Shoo Fly Game

I had been working with a new client for the past two months on a temporary basis until her person came back from a back operation.  Thinking I had longer than two months, I received notification two days ago that yesterday was going to be my last day.  As a treat, she gave me sticky buns to take home.

If you are from Pennsylvania Dutch Country, you definitely know two items…Sticky Buns and Shoo Fly Pie.  Both are deathly sweet confections and made from syrup.  Being baker’s kids, my brother and I both were literally raised on sticky buns and shoo fly pies.  After school, my brother and I were allowed to have an after school snack of something in the store…my brother’s all time favorite were the sticky buns with pecans on top.  The sticky buns my dad made were in a pan of 12…three in a row…and they were sold in sections of 3, 6, 9 or the whole pan.  My brother would get three as his snack.

If you aren’t familiar with sticky buns, here is a crash course.  A sweet dough was rolled thin and a mixture of butter, brown sugar and spices(cinnamon) was mixed together and spread on the dough.  If there were to be raisins, then they were added as well.  This was then rolled up like a jelly roll and then sliced, placed in a baking pan(Dad’s sticky bun pans were three pans connected to each other) and twelve pieces were set into four rows. If you think of the sticky buns almost set up like an upside down cake, you will have the right idea.  The bottom of the pan had a mixture of butter, brown sugar, syrup and cinnamon along with any pecans/walnuts, etc.  There are many recipes online…here is one of them from Lancaster, PA.

Well, anyway, I brought the sticky buns home and straightaway had to play the “sticky bun game”…it’s a game my brother and I have played for years…to see if anyone can come close to making sticky buns or shoo fly the way our dad could.

Cut a piece, gave hubby half.  Now for the serious part…close my eyes and really taste…dough was ok, not enough spices though.  The sticky was pretty good…it wasn’t like a lot of them where they skimped on the sticky…or they over embellished the sticky…   I’d give them a 6.  Hubby decided at this point he wanted to play the game too…and I politely told him, there are only two people who can play this game…my brother and I…(my cousins could too cause they know the sticky buns well…)

I finished my piece and since I have not been eating much sugar the past year, I realized that I can’t eat sweet foods much anymore..  But that doesn’t mean I still won’t play the game…

Asked Hubby if he wanted anymore and receiving a negative answer, decided the rest were  going over to my neighbor…otherwise if I had to freeze them I would defrost and eat more at a later date…

My brother and I have still not found a close contender for the shoo fly pie…so the game continues…

til next time…Eva

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