Visit to Conrad Weiser Homestead

Today a friend and I decided to take a drive down to Womelsdorf.  It had been her birthday and we wanted to go where we could do a little thrift store shopping(the Good Will), have a cup of coffee, and take a walk in the autumn sunshine.  Womelsdorf is the location of the Conrad Weiser Homestead.

Conrad Weiser was the Colonial diplomat who mediated peace between Pennsylvania and the Iroquois Nation(before 1760).  He was born in Germany(1696) and his family migrated and settled on the “New York frontier”.  In 1729 he brought his wife and children to the area now known as Womelsdorf.   When he was 16, he spent a winter and spring living with the Mohawks and learned their language and customs of the Iroquois and was later considered an adopted son of the Mohawks.  He married and he and his wife had 14 children…7 lived to adulthood.



photo by Eva 2015

photo by Eva 2015

photos by Eva 2015

It is difficult for me to imagine how life was almost 300 years ago in Pennsylvania.  When you visit the various landmarks and realize that the same people were probably involved in all of them(The Ephrata Cloisters are  fairly close by and Conrad Weiser stayed there for a while).  Thinking about the method of travel and communications…and the length of time it took to get from one place to another is mind boggling. I have often have thought it a pity that there hasn’t been much written about the women of the time…Conrad Weiser’s wife Anna for example.  Here she was, living on a farm,  her husband was gone a lot of the time, she bore 14 children and lived to be 76(he lived to be 63).

   There are many old trees on the grounds…filled with nuts at this time of year…and there were squirrels and chipmunks everywhere gathering the bounty.  Surrounding the grounds were cornfields…with the dried cornstalks and ears of corn waiting to be harvested.  .conrad weiser fall 2105 010aconrad weiser fall 2105 006

All in all, it was a lovely day to be out and to walk a bit…soaking up the sun and some history as well.

til next time…Eva


One thought on “Visit to Conrad Weiser Homestead

  1. Nice. I read your posts to Hilmar. Last eve was an MRI for the knee implant area. Keeping him from walking. Decided to take a break & let the EMS transport. Will transport tomorrow for dermatologist. Worth $57. Have a great day. Lunch with Joyce tomorrow. She is getting out of the depression area if that’s what you call it. Love, Doris

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