Picking up the Needles

004photo by Eva, 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve been knitting.  I had been doing more crocheting the last couple of years…learning the nuances of it since I knew how to knit.  Yesterday I was at a yarn shop and had gotten some yarn on sale…but before I use it, I wanted to do a test run to get my skills and speed back.  As you can see in the sample above, it’s a little on the uneven side…my mother would shudder!

My mother taught me how to knit when I was 6 years old.  I remember sitting on the bed with the little needles and yarn and having to count 1…2…3…4…, over and over again(the four steps to each stitch).  And saying, “this counting is making my head hurt!”.  And my mother hiding her mouth behind her hand…laughing.

Over the years, I have made some successful….and unsuccessful projects.  On the successful side, I used to make little baby dresses, hats and shoes for whenever there was a baby in the family.  In college I used to make knitted lace edging(I think about that now…sitting on my bed in the dorm room knitting lace edging…I must have been bored out of my mind!).  Weekends were long because I was in an isolated spot and so far from home.  Most people went home for the weekend.  Not me…I knit lace edging and ate junk.  No wonder I gained 30 lbs in my first year of college!

Unsuccessful… well, I knitted a sweater for my husband when we were going together.  He was in England and I was in the US.  I kind of miscalculated his size and length of arms…kind of made an XL when he was a M.  The sleeves went down to his knees as did the sweater itself.  He was a good sport then and wore it.  But after we were married, the sweater disappeared.  I knitted sweaters for myself over the years…some were quite wearable and others were a disappointment.  I’m in the mood to make myself another sweater this winter…either in a garnet shade or a purple…turtleneck I believe…

I have never been able to knit in the round…and it is something I want to accomplish this winter.  My sister in law and niece think it’s funny I can’t do it yet…I have my circular needles ready…and will do it privately…   Maybe I should take my circular needles along on Thanksgiving and ask my sister in law for a lesson?

The reason I am knitting now is that  I want to knit my daughter’s boyfriend a cap.  You see, I inadvertently threw away his “lucky cap” this summer.  I came across this cap as I was de-cluttering and not recognizing it, I tossed it.  Later that month, my daughter says to me on the phone, “Mom, have you seen a black cap?  It’s his “lucky cap”…he wore it everywhere when he was in his band…and he can’t find it.”  Oops.

My girlfriend says to knit one stitch a different color on the cap cause that makes it “lucky”…so, maybe he can have had two lucky caps in his lifetime.

til next time…Eva


2 thoughts on “Picking up the Needles

  1. Maybe adding that one colored stitch is like adding the “spirit line” in a south west tapestry weaving or a pottery design — something to let the spirit of the artist out.

  2. Are you saving these for a book? Nice to read in health care. Lot of memories. Jammed the shredder last eve so being me I called the desk. Told her I was confessing. She said it can’t be that bad. Awake @ 0230 so @ 0400 with a face on I thought I could reboot it. Guess maintenance knows that trick too because it was ready to go. My punishment was changing the very large bag & applying the rubber to the metal holder. Love the knitting story. We only got 1 pass / month & it was hours late not home. Didn’t have any use for that till I met hsbd to be.

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