Catnip Capers

I take care of my friend’s furbabies whenever she goes away…and it can range from a weekend trip to visit her son or a three week getaway.  This time it’s one of the longer ones.  I go over once a day to check on them, their food, litter boxes, water, etc.

Maggie(the little gray one) loves fresh catnip and since I always have a pot of catnip, I usually bring her a few fresh leaves.  She waits for me at the top of the stairs when I come in the door and if I don’t have catnip, she gives me that look of utter disbelief that I had forgotten.  Since it’s been such a cold winter, my catnip isn’t doing too well(plus Kitty has been taking his daily vitamins from it), so all I had was a small bag I had dried a while ago.

I sprinkled some dried catnip on the rug and she proceeded to roll around in it.  Next came Jackie(the orange one) and lastly Simba(the black cat)…all three rolling around in the dried catnip.  I closed the bag and put it in a safe spot…or so I thought.

Today I came to the door and all three of them were waiting at the top of the stairs…something that never happens.  As I am greeting them, I notice an empty plastic bag…the supposedly “safe spot” wasn’t safe after all!  Their three faces all looking down at the empty bag when I asked them what happened…as if to say, “oh, gee, I didn’t even notice that bag there…”  I laughed out loud and continued laughing the rest of the day thinking about those little rascals.

I still can’t figure out how they knew where it was…  Totally empty and the three of them were in a terrific mood!  I get to the dried food and that was totally empty as well..something that never happens in just one day.  Simba had had sinus problems for a while but after this catnip he seemed to be feeling better…

Well, no more catnip for them this time around…not unless my plant starts growing like crazy.



One thought on “Catnip Capers

  1. That sounds like my cat burglars. Have had to start using heavy rubber bands around pairs of cabinet door knobs to keep them from breaking into the upper kitchen shelves where they know I stash their catnip and crunchies bags.

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