The Driver’s License Renewal

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My driver’s license was up for renewal this year(Pennsylvania is every four years).  You receive the renewal form plus bill($29.50) about 1 1/2 months before it expires.

Usually I pay it as soon as it comes and get my license long before it expires.

Not this time.  I wrote it in my weekly/monthly planner that it was due March 31 and put the bill away.  The day before my birthday I suddenly remembered it – dug it out – jeepers.  It was due the day after my birthday…not the 31st.

Panic now sets in.  Wait.  They have PA Department of Transportation online…Yes.  Renewals.  Yes.  One crisis averted.  Oh, a printer is needed to make a print of the temporary license.  Haven’t used my printer in a while…(this printer was one I bought at a yard sale last summer for $5…complete with ink).  Plug it in.  It starts printing some  papers from months ago…oh I hope it’s not going to eat up whatever ink is left.  Quickly get on the screen to eliminate the order for those papers.  Good.  It’s printing!  So, I have a temporary license.

A week later the photo card arrives.  Naturally, I let it lay.  I did go online to find out when the photos are taken at the local Driver Exam office.  I did do that.  Today I had the day off and had planned to do it but we were having a torrential rain storm.  Oh, I could do it tomorrow after work.  I decided to look at my temporary license.

Well, guess I will be going there today in the torrential rainstorm cause it expires tomorrow.

I drive the 10 miles and the parking for the photos is at the back of the building.  I can’t walk on the sidewalk because there is a telephone repair person on a ladder and the sidewalk is blocked.  My first thought is, oh I hope that doesn’t mean the computers are down.

The room has two people waiting for photos.  I watch as an elderly gentleman is being helped by a concerned younger woman(daughter perhaps) to get to the chair and helps him to remove his coat.  I wonder how he is able to drive.  I still remember my aunt.  She was petite and always needed leverage in her car seat to see above the steering wheel.  She had cataracts and wasn’t able to walk very well and her comment always was, “Thank goodness I can still drive.”  Literally, we feared for her life and those poor souls and animals out on the street if she were driving.

My turn came…glasses off, no smiling…I barely had a chance to sit down and look at the camera.  Flash. You’re kidding me.  I look at the finished product on the screen…for all of a microsecond.

My new driver’s license…in the 4 years since I had the last one, I’ve aged 20 years.  I’ll have to do something differently before the next one.

til next time….Eva


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