I See You

013aphoto by Eva 2015

I see you.  I acknowledge your presence.  I give my whole attention to you.  I listen to what you have to say.  I greet you when I see you.  You are important to me and I show you that by looking at you and paying attention to you.  When I talk with you, I give you all my attention.

It seems that we have become a world of distracted people.  Our phones have become extensions that we seemingly can no longer do without.  We’re fixated on the small screen while ignoring the amazing world and people we profess to care about.

The picture that comes to mine is from the Pixar animated film “WALL-E”.  The scene I am thinking about is where you see all of these obese people on loungers with a screen connected to their faces.  They never see that the world has changed around them…only looking at that screen.

We see families daily who are sitting at a restaurant waiting/eating their food.  Each one of them is fixated on their phones and not paying attention to each other.  Is this now considered “quality time”?

My daughter was working as Photo Pass in Disney World and she would tell me of parents who were fixated on their phones and not seeing their child’s face when they saw their favorite Disney character for the first time.

Couples on a date…again…phones.  Many times the only time they are together is when they take a selfie to post online.

Parents out with their children. I totally cringe when I see an adult with their precious babies and young children…concentrating on their phone while the child is trying to get their attention or is having one of their learning moments.  Discovering an insect, bird, a ride on the swing…and the parent hasn’t even noticed.

Someone needs help and we don’t notice.  A loved one has an accomplishment…and it’s not acknowledged or noticed.  One of the couple wants/needs to have a heart to heart…they aren’t noticed.

I know now why we love our pets so much…we are noticed and loved unconditionally.  When I come home from work, Zowie(my little bird) and Kitty are the first to greet me.  My husband may be sitting in the same room and never even look up to acknowledge me.  Naturally, who do I greet first?  I go over to my little bird and fuss over her and pet Kitty.  My husband has remarked to others that I greet the pets before I greet him and my retort usually is that they acknowledge that I have come home.

My parents raised me to always acknowledge people.  I remember one time after having had a bad day at school, I walked into the bakery and walked straight through the store without acknowledging my mother and the customers who were in there at the time.  After the customers left, my mother gave me a well deserved lecture that I NEVER come into a room and ignore those around me.

In http://www.thelegacybucket.com I read about two African words which express this whole post.  A person will say the word, “SAWUBONA”  which means “I see you”  “I respect and acknowledge you for who you are”.  The other person will then respond with , “SIKBONA”  which means, “I am here”  “When you see me, you bring me into existence”.

This present trend seriously saddens and worries me.  I will do my best to notice those around me and to be in the moment.  SAWUBONA!

til next time…Eva



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