Hidden Dishes

I often wonder what the real purpose of the dishwasher is…to clean the dishes or to be a storage unit for clean/dirty dishes or other items.  And is the dishwasher actually the time saver it is professed to be?  I personally see them as a procrastination technique…hide the dishes and forget about them until tomorrow…or the next day…or the day after that.

So many people I  know, especially if there are just one or two in the household, eventually get to the point that there are no more dishes in the kitchen cabinets because everything is in the dishwasher…and they hate to empty the dishwasher. (it’s almost as bad as getting someone to take out the garbage).

I clean houses and I can’t tell you how many times the sink is full of dirty dishes and the dishwasher is full as well.  No dishes left in the cabinets and no cutlery in the drawers.

Why the aversion to washing dishes?  Personally, a sink of warm fragrant sudsy water is kind of nice…you can daydream a bit, talk with whomever is drying the dishes or just think about your day.  I also have a collection of vintage dish towels that I love and use.

Today’s pots and pans are fairly easy to clean and if you do have a stubborn pot/lasagna pan, simply put hot water, vinegar and a spot of dishwashing liquid in it for a short while and it will come clean.  If the pot is really awful, put the three items in and heat the pot up and the grime will peel off.

The Flylady(www.flylady.net) advocates the “shiny sink”.  Basically, you never go to bed unless your sink is clean and shiny.  (if you have family members who tend to eat/drink after the kitchen has been cleaned up, “train” them to put the dirty items in a bin that you keep under the sink).  There is something so satisfying to come into the kitchen the next morning to a shiny sink.

If you have certain cookware/bakeware that traditionally is difficult to clean, determine if you really must live with that constant aggravation.  Then use foil, cooking spray or buy a new one.

A friend of mine uses paper plates when she has company, simply because she hates washing dishes for a crowd.  She bakes her items in foil throwaway pans as well.  If that works for you, then go for it.

We all have busy lives.  Take some time to determine what works for you.  If you feel irritated with your dishwasher, try washing your dishes by hand for a week…it basically takes the same amount of time…and you can use your dishwasher for valuable storage space(I store my pot lids and plastic containers in it).

Try the Flylady’s shiny sink technique as well…and you will have a whole different feeling about your kitchen.

til next time….Eva


4 thoughts on “Hidden Dishes

  1. Yes; I mostly got rid of the plastic, but my dishwasher stores glass containers and silicone lids. Don’t even know if it works — just came with the rent house — but never got in the habit of using one anywhere.
    Can imagine if I were a mom with several kids and loads of dishes, I might see things differently. But then again, most of the families I know rarely eat together or even at home anymore.
    Likely if they prepared real food at home, ate together, and shared clean-up, most families would be healthier and more connected.

    • I personally think if families had the home cooked food, time to sit and eat as a family and clean up the kitchen together, life would be happier and calmer. As it seems to be, families are over extended
      to activities, sports and meetings…and have kind of forgotten why they had families in the first place…

  2. Thanks! I didn’t know the vinegar trick! I joke that you can tell how my day/week has gone by looking @ my kitchen. A busy week = a chaotic counter from one end to the other. That said, I feel so much calmer when I clear visual clutter. Knowing that about myself is my incentive to clear the kitchen. Eva, I sense a new book topic for you: great tips in something like the “zen of cleaning” ! ❤

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