Special People in Our Lives

We all have had special family members who have always made the effort to keep their family together.  I have seen all too often that families drift apart over the years simply due to disinterest/neglect of communicating with one another.

My cousin Hilmar is that person on my mother’s side of the family(here in the US).  Being the eldest son of five, he always has taken his responsibilities seriously.

I was an Rh-negative baby and needed blood transfusions on day 2.  I understand Hilmar was one of the first to donate blood for me.  I  am very grateful for his gift.

When he was in High School, he used to help my dad in the bakery.  It was at that time he learned baking and it became a life long hobby of his(sticky buns being a specialty) and also taught his daughter.

He was stationed in Japan while in the service and I remember his bringing back a Japanese porcelain baby doll with glass eyes and straight black hair, wearing silk pyjamas.  He also brought home a Geisha doll in a case for his mother…I would study that doll every time I went to visit my aunt.

In his working life, he was Human Resources and has been one of those amazing people who gets along with everyone.

Growing up, he and his brothers experienced outdoor life-camping, hunting, fishing…and the fishing has remained a passion for him…evolving to the love of fly-fishing and making the flies.

When my daughter was younger, every year he would pick her up for the day and she and “Uncle” Hilmar would go fishing.  He taught her the correct way to fish, use bait, etc.  Afterwards, they would go to “Big Jakes” for lunch and then he would bring her home.

Hilmar visited my parents often when they became homebound and never failed to bring them something yummy from a bakery down where he lived.  They always were so grateful that he took the time to come and visit them.

Happy Birthday Hilmar!  Just wanted to tell you how very special you are and how grateful I am that we are cousins!  Love you!

til next time, Eva


2 thoughts on “Special People in Our Lives

  1. You’ve mentioned Hilmar to me before in the context of being a family connector.
    Did not know you were Rh-neg and required transfusions — that’s a true blood relative!

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