New Habits

 I am one of those people continually striving to improve my skills, health, finances and spirituality.  Other members of my family can fully enjoy watching tv and films…me, I watch You tubes and videos on various sewing/craft techniques, webinars and anything having to do with “self improvement”.  I admit I am an oddity in my family and friend circles…though I will get a comment once in a while, “I really admire how you continually push yourself to learn new things…wish I could do it.”

I also take great joy in creating goals for myself and devise to-do lists with a passion.  The other day a friend of mine sent me a link to Brendon Burchard’s 5-50 Minute Formula (

Well, this was right up my alley and proceeded to implement it immediately.
The 5-50 Minute Formula consists of five basic steps to be followed daily:

1. Increase your sleep by 50 minutes. The eventual goal is to attain 8 or more hours of sleep a night(most people fall way short of this). Along with this one, view no screen 50 minutes before bedtime(screens such at Computer, TV and phone).

2. In the morning after you wake up, for your first 50 minutes: a. Drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself. b. Stretch for 20 minutes. c. Do your 1 page productivity planner(he has a pdf of this on his website for you to follow. The planner consists of your top three projects…the top 5 things you must do to move these projects forward. The people you need to reach out to today, no matter what. The people you need to hear from in order to move forward. And lastly, your priorities of the day…the main things that must be accomplished today before getting trapped in your inbox and other peoples’ agenda.

3. 50 Minute Power Blocks: This means simply setting a timer for 50 minutes when you need to focus on a task. 50 minutes of uninterrupted quality time.

4. Important to take a short break every hour…you work 50 minutes and your break consists of 10 minutes…hydrating yourself and stretching, standing up and walking a bit. This ensures that your energy level will stay high.

5. 50 minutes of time to RENEW yourself daily, this means spending 30 minutes to walk outside every day and 20 minutes quietly meditating. He uses the word “Release” when he meditates.(he also has a video on his website on how to meditate.

One comment he makes often is…”Common Sense is not always Common Practice”.

I’ve been doing this 4 days now…getting to bed at 10:30 and getting off my computer at 9:30. (considering I used to be on the computer til 12ish and then crawl into bed, waking up 1 or more times during the night and getting up at 6:30, this is major).

Have been waking up 6ish, drinking my water, doing a few stretches and then working on my productivity page. I really didn’t believe doing it in the morning would make a difference(I was used to doing the Success Six at night) but focusing on that, it’s fresh on your mind, revitalizing your daily to-do list. I find that once I do get on the computer(incidentally, not before 50 minutes into your day), I can skim through my emails effectively and not spend time on anything not on my agenda.

I haven’t done too many of the 50 minute blocks yet though I have done them before with my de-cluttering tasks. I will utilize them more as I move on with this. I also need more practice with the hourly “hydrate and stretch” technique though.

The Renew has to be my favorite part of the day…getting outside for a walk(usually after dinner) and the 20 minutes of quiet time with my eyes closed and meditating. I’ve tried other words over the years but I must admit, “Release” does work its magic.

Mr. Burchard claims that you can increase your productivity 30% by doing this technique. For me, the ability to be able to focus totally on one thing for 50 minutes would be an amazing feat!

Please let me know if you have tried this or if you plan to!

til next time…Eva


5 thoughts on “New Habits

  1. I do have a couple of his books and usually watch the videos when they come out — makes sense to me. But he’s also a guy, likely without a herd of animals, unpaid eldercare, 3 part-time jobs and all the housework, yard work, and errands and errands to cover solo, and with the luxury of not having to be on call and on everyone else’s schedule all the time. Personally, have not been able to get through one day of this program. Hope it works out for you! Meanwhile, have to go, there’s another event winding down next door that I have to close up and clean up after….

    • oh I fully understand…same here. I take whatever I can out of it…sleeping more and doing a daily assessment of what I need to do, hydrating more and if I need to focus on a project, then do the 50 minute timer procedure. I like the 20 minutes of meditation and the 30 minute walk…

  2. Hello Vanesseva. This blog post captured my attention and kept it until the final word. I LOVE this idea, and I’m going to give it a ‘go’. I’m quite excited about the thought of doing this, and am filled with much hope. I’ll begin and I’ll let you know how I get along.

    In the meantime … sending love, as always.
    Have a truly blessed rest of your day ~ Cobs. x

    • Hi Cobs! I’ve been doing pretty much all of this for about a month now…it’s getting easier for the most part(getting to bed earlier and turning off the screens earlier). I thoroughly enjoy my meditation time and my walk daily. Also do the 50 minute sessions but not on a daily basis. Definitely do my lists while drinking my morning tea before leaving for work. How is it going for you? Hugs…Eva

  3. My health is a problem at the moment so I haven’t quite managed to re-schedule everything. I think my worst thing is not turning off the laptop early enough (before bedtime). I sit and read the newspaper on-line and find out what’s happened in the world before I got to bed, which is really bad for me because I will stress and worry over some of the bad things. (sigh … I’m a worrywart, I’ll freely admit it).

    But … on the plus side – the things which I am achieving are making some really nice changes to my life. I feel a little ‘free-er’ some how. Kind of lighter and more joyous.

    I shall continue to try to get everything going so it all kind of slots into place like a lock and key.

    I meant to ask … how’s the little one?
    Sending love ~ Cobs. xxx

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