First Adult Pet

“Albert” by Vanessa 201613091939_10207875350454765_5295858159636336568_n   In the past year, I’ve noticed the intense need in my daughter(and many of those she graduated from college with) for her first “adult” pet.  She’d gone through the various stepping stones along the way…first “real” job, first “real” relationship, first “real” apartment, and now came the “dog” step.

This realization, the “need” for someone who “needed you”, who gives you the heart warming greeting when you come home, company, unconditional love, no criticism or arguments(well, I must say I can’t totally agree on this one…I have known dogs and cats who could criticize and argue quite well!), someone who would snuggle with you, need walks(and thus give you needed exercise as well) and hopefully provide some protection in the event someone came into the apartment(definitely something a mother hopes the dog would do…).

For the past two years, whenever my daughter would be having a difficult week at work, was homesick or lonely, she would find her way to a pet store or animal shelter.  Her boyfriend soon learned that they would have to spend some time petting dogs and cats that day.

About six months ago, she decided that she would like to have a Corgi.  She began reading up on them, signed up at a Corgi Rescue, wrote up a little manual about Corgis for herself, bought a doggie bed and some toys, and proceeded to wait.

A note  about my daughter…she does not wait patiently.  A habit of hers while eating breakfast was checking out all of the various sites just in case  a Corgi would show up.  I used to cringe when she would find one on Craigslist because she’d found one earlier and it had been a scam.

Two weeks ago I got a text message…”found a Corgi on Craigslist. Looks good.  I’ll be careful!”  It progressed through out the day with the dog’s owner and her.  She had been disappointed so many times during the last six months but this one seemed different.

The couple with the dog lived in the apartment complex she used to live in and friends of hers knew them.  They recently had a baby with health problems and didn’t have the time or energy anymore to spend as much time with the dog as before.  They sent her a video of the dog in action after she came home from work.

That evening, my daughter and her boyfriend went to check it out and fell in love instantly with “Albert”.  Two days later, Albert came home with her complete with all of his belongings.  He has adapted well…my daughter tells me he walks up the steps to the bed and sleeps with her…his head on the pillow.  She used to need help falling asleep but now feels secure with Albert around.

Daily exercise is now the norm and being needed by someone has made such a difference in her outlook.  Something all animal lovers are well aware of…that need to get up in the morning because someone needs to go out and be fed.

So a loving welcome to my “grand-dog” Albert!

til next time…Eva


2 thoughts on “First Adult Pet

  1. This post has brought out such a huge smile on my face, and I feel the love through the words. Being a dog lover myself, I can relate. I know the feeling of needing a dog, and once you have a dog shaped part of your heart, you will forever have it. Dogs don’t live as long as their owners, as I know to my own experience, but once you’ve had a dog, you will forever have to have a dog.

    I’m thrilled to pieces for your daughter … and …. Congratulations Grandma! I wish you many happy hours with Albert. He’s an adoreable little soul with so much love to give and mischief to make. Bless his happy heart.
    Sending much love ~ Cobs. x

  2. Thanks Cobs I find it interesting how we all are so different in the types of dogs we are attracted to. The first dog I had as an adult was a little shih Tzu…I can honestly say when I saw that little face for the first time, it was love at first sight! And I know for my daughter, seeing Albert for the first time gave her the same realization…love for that first dog(or cat) is unlike any other love and stays with you for a lifetime.

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