Looking for Faeries

Looking for Faeries

I take a walk every evening after dinner.  In one area of my walk, there is a heavily planted area filled with the sweet scent of honeysuckle bushes and blooming white dogwood trees.  Last week as I was slowly walking past, enjoying the scent of the sweet honeysuckle and evening songs of the birds, I saw the small colorful blur come flying around the corner and heard a distinct “squeak!”
It was not a bird.  It was too colorful to be a bird.  It was tinier than a bird. It didn’t sound like a bird.  So, because I desperately want to believe in faeries, I determined that, yes, this was a faerie.
I have one friend who I pretty much can tell anything to.  I quickly wrote her an email to tell her of my experience and her first response was, “Cool…are you sure it was a faerie”  Over the next day or so, she would write suggestions…was it a hummingbird?  A giant bee?  and did you see it again?…take your camera along the next time!
I went online to see if there were any suggestions on how to look for faeries and found several:  http://www.mysticfamiliar.com/library/fairies/how_to_meet_fairies.htm



I have seen great interest in Fairy/Faerie Gardens lately…people making charming gardens in many forms…with small doors, miniature furniture and lovely flowers.

And talking about doors, several cities boast having multiple fairy doors all through the city.

Daily What?! Miniature Fairy Doors Are Popping Up All Over NYC


More fairy doors of San Francisco

Tonight I went on my walk as usual.  Every time I pass that area, I slow down and silently talk to the faeries, asking them to please give me a sign that they are there.  There is usually no one around.  Until tonight.  A young boy around 9 was on his bicycle and I didn’t hear him the first time he said hello.  He drove his bicycle close to me and said a sweet hello again.  I was startled at first but I smiled and said hello to him.  He looked at me with a question in his eyes(I knew darn well he wanted to ask me what on earth I was doing for so long just standing there looking into the bushes…) and he then looked at what I had been looking at.  When I didn’t offer any answer to his unspoken question, he smiled and left.

Next time he will ask…

No faerie sighting today…but someday I am sure…

til next time…Eva


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