“Wouldn’t…it…be loverly”

The energy within and without the past two weeks has felt oppressing and overwhelming.  Feelings of general discontent, deep sadness and irritation with others and even anger.  I know I’m not the only one who has been feeling this way – I’ve been noticing friends and family who are usually very even tempered, acting totally out of character these last two weeks.

I’m hoping it’s because of the Solstice/planets/full moon.

I’m usually able to snap out of this mood within a day or so by gratitude, affirmations, Reiki or taking quiet time doing something I enjoy doing…nothing was working.  I felt unappreciated, old inferiority issues cropped up, abundance (lack of) issues cropped up, envy(of friends’ vacation plans,  large purchases), discontent with goals not being completed quickly enough, and discontent with my present weight/body/exercise goals.  Whew!  Knew I needed to get this negative/stagnant energy out of my system!

The other night I read a tip online to write a list of 20 “wouldn’t it be nice if…”(kind of reminded me of Eliza Dolittle’s “Wouldn’t it be Loverly?” song from “My Fair Lady”…one of my all time favorites I might add…)   Many times setting goals are difficult to do but I’ve found that two ways to kind of bypass our critical mind is to either do a “what am I putting up with” list or a “wouldn’t it be nice” list.

I did my list and it just sat there.  Wishful thinking and it fell flat.  I knew something else had to happen…so I got my list back out and wrote each item down with space below for three action steps/baby steps.  For some instances, the three action steps will be enough…others will be longer.

“Wouldn’t it be Loverly if…”





It takes a little time to do this…I sit outside with my little Zowie(my cockatiel) and a cup of coffee.  It’s a hopeful and restorative process.  I now have my list and read it daily at least twice a day and also write my daily goals in my daily journal.  I had been stuck in a negative hole(and it is not fun at all…) and this gave me the ladder to climb out.

Please let me know if you try/have tried this and if/how it has helped you….or if you have a method you use that helps.

til next time…Eva


One thought on ““Wouldn’t…it…be loverly”

  1. I find visiting the sea helps to settle my heart, my mind and my soul. It doesn’t remove a *problem* or solve it. But it does leave me very much at peace and more able to tackle whatever it is which is upsetting my psyche.

    I do however like your list with the a) b) c) options/steps. I can see that this might be more helpful in solving some problems where I seem to go round and round inside my head and achieve nothing.

    I can’t ever see myself giving up the visiting the sea though. In fact, I’ve just come back from paying it a visit. I took a sandwich and a drink and spent some time with the car windows down, sniffing that wonderful sea smell and sharing my lunch time with the sea. I feel so much more relaxed and at peace within my soul, (and not crying anymore now either).

    Maybe you need to visit the sea Eva.
    sending you love, carried upon the waves of the sea ~ to you, from me. ~ Cobs. x

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