Fun with Mason Jars!

I’ve become a fan of Mason jars lately.  I’d been noticing various items on Pinterest about Mason jars for about a year now but never got around to actually buying the pint-sized jars.  Two weeks ago I noticed a box of 12 American made pint-sized jars at the local Dollar store for $7.99.  That was my chance!

I smiled all the way home in anticipation of the orderly refrigerator I would have…clear jars filled with colorful salads, fruit and whatever else I would come up with.  All ready to grab and eat. (My joy in all of this reminds me of a cartoon from a while ago…the woman is standing looking out of her front window when her teenaged son walks by…”My new washer and dryer are coming today!  I have been this excited in a long time!”  The son walks back to his father and says, “Dude, you have to try harder!”

Washed and dried the clear jars and was getting the ingredients out for the salads.  If you are doing the salad in a jar, just remember that the heaviest items must be on the bottom and the fragile lettuce on the very top(otherwise you will have wilted salads).

If you want your dressing in the jar(I prefer putting mine on my salad when I am eating it), pour 1-2 Tablespoons of the dressing on the very bottom. Then you will be layering the rest of your ingredients:


Heavy items that like to be in the dressing(protein..beans/fish/meat)

Chopped veggies(peppers, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, cooked veggies, etc.)



Close your jar and you are set to go.  Depending on what protein you have on the bottom, it will last in the fridge for several days.

When you are ready to eat, just dump your salad into a large bowl/plate, add the dressing if it’s not in the jar, croutons, cheese, bacon bits…whatever you desire…and ENJOY!

I also cut up my melons and put the chunks into the jars…what a pleasure to be able to grab a jar and a fork and eat something healthy.  This is great for everyone…people who live alone of all ages, people who are on diets and want to have something healthy to grab when they are hungry, families with varying schedules, etc.  My daughter says it’s so nice to just be able to grab a jar when she comes home and is famished after work.

I find it’s also great for leftovers…the jar could be taken into work and dumped into a bowl to be heated up.  I’ve seen recipes for breakfasts(basically an oatmeal) and also “instant” soup which is made up of cooked leftovers(chicken, rice/noodles, and veggies along with an instant broth).  When you are ready to eat, you pour hot water on top of it and let it stand for a few minutes to warm up.

What I love about this concept is how it keeps the refrigerator tidy…lines of jars.  If you need larger jars(family size), use the quart sized.  Great for two people or a picnic.

I will say that my hubby isn’t as enthused as I am presently…but I promised him I would try more “interesting” stuff soon…like trifle in a jar, cheesecake in a jar, yoghurt parfaits…oh my, the ideas are limitless!

Please  let me know if you have tried this and what is your favorite meal/dessert in a jar.

til next time….Eva



5 thoughts on “Fun with Mason Jars!

    • I hope you do try it Cobs…it has made a huge difference in how I am eating these days…I am not a huge fan of dragging everything out of the fridge every time I want a salad…especially when I am ravenous…because usually by that point I will grab something else…ice cream, cookies, chips…if they are around. Thanks for stopping by! ❤

      • I will be doing this Eva. Pinky finger promise. It’s captured me and made me realise how bored I get when putting together salads. They can be quite labour intensive for what is a basic food element(s). Making them look pretty, ensuring that the colours work and all the red (tomatoes, peppers etc) haven’t sunk to the bottom of the salad bowl when all the grated carrot(s) are hanging onto each other for dear life!

        I really will be doing this. It made so much sense to me, in the blink of an eye.
        Hugs coming your way, from my little island on the globe ~ Cobs. x

  1. You have some really yummy looking recipes! I make lots of Mason jar home decor and want to get into using them to make food. 😊

    • Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you will try the mason jars for your recipes…I’ve just begun doing it and keep finding more ideas. My husband never knows what he is going to find in a mason jar anymore, lol! Please stop by again. Eva

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