Summer Nights

Sitting on the deck tonight enjoying the cooling down of the day with Zowie and Kitty, I realized how quiet it was in the neighborhood.  I know when I take my after dinner walk, I very seldom see anyone out…oh there will be someone else walking perhaps or walking their dog…but no one sitting outside on their porches enjoying the summer.  Our neighborhood has only one household with children anymore and they aren’t even out.

Back when I was growing up, I can remember everyone would be outside after dinner.  The children would be playing and the adults would be sitting outside. Many people would go for a walk and socialize along the way chatting with their neighbors.  During the  summer there would be neighborhood block parties as well…the chance for all of the neighbors to get together.

There were no air conditioners back then nor were the tvs very interesting.  A radio could  be brought outside if a game or program to be listened to.  We kids weren’t sophisticated…we played with balls, bicycles, roller skates, jacks, jump ropes, and hopscotch.  A high point of the evening would be when the ice cream truck would pass and jingle its’ bell…if you were lucky, you had 5 cents for a popsicle that could be shared with your best friend or your sibling.   If not, well then that was ok too…you ran after it anyway.

We would have a jar to catch lightening bugs(fireflies)  and see how many you could catch before your mother called you in…and then you left them go.

When my daughter was small, there were a lot of children in the neighborhood and they were all out until dark.  We would take turns for where the children would be and have popsicles as a treat when they got overheated.

Yes, it’s quiet in my neighborhood.  The neighbors are inside with their air-conditioners on, tv, computers, etc.  Every once in a while you hear their dogs are out barking and then it gets quiet again.  I relish the quiet time…my thinking time, my remembering time.

til next time…Eva

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