Playing GOD


I was outside on my porch hanging some wash when I noticed with horror that my neighbor’s 3-year old son Logan had climbed to the top of the neighbor’s car.  As he walked on the back windshield  to step onto the roof (I envisioned the back window shattering under his weight!), I knew I had to do something quickly yet not startle him at the same time and make him fall off the car.

I ducked down so he couldn’t see me and cupped my hands together and called out as gently as I could, “Logan…oh Logan..”

Logan stopped, looked up into the sky and said, “GOD?”

“Yes”, I replied, “it’s GOD…now Logan, I  need your help.”

The little boy was nodding his head fiercely, “yes, GOD!”

“Logan, I want you to get off of the car…NOW!”

I could hear him muttering, “Yes, GOD…Yes, GOD” as he scrambled off of the car as fast as his little legs could go and ran into the house screaming, “Mommy!  Mommy!  GOD’s out here!”

Logan is 20 now and whenever I see him, I remember that day all those years ago and smile to myself…when I pretended I was GOD.

til next time…Eva

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