Getting Un-Stuck

001Vintage Hallmark Picture circa 1987

Every once in a while, I find myself in “Stuck” mode.  Nothing in my life looks/feels good.  It’s that “dis-satisfaction” mode…or sometimes it’s the “sadness” mode.  The last week or so has been the sadness mode…when I find myself tearing up for no apparent reason…people, pets, events…all of which don’t normally trigger tears.

I thought at first…oh, you’re just tired.  It’s the heat.  It’s the new/full moon.

Life was just not fun, you know that feeling?

Well, after a week of this un-ease, I decided I had to figure out what the issue  was…and since I’m a writer, I write.  I’m sure there are many methods to do this, but I’ll share the one that works for me.

Sit down and get comfortable.  Have your favorite beverage beside you because this could take a while.  Be sure there are no interruptions…turn off the phone and let others around you know that you are unavailable for a while.  Be in a private space if possible.  This is quiet time between you and your higher self( or whatever name you call it…inner voice, guardian angel, God within, soul, etc.)

I use paper and pen but I guess it would work on your computer screen as well.

Breathe in, exhale.  Now you begin.

Ask your first question.  It can be concise or hazy…eventually you will realize that your thoughts become clear.

That inner voice will respond to your question…I find it responds with another question.  Then your response.  Their response…it feels like a tennis match at times…ping, ping, ping.

Here is an example of my latest session so that you can see how it works: (M is “me”, IV is “inner voice”)

M: I’m out of sorts.

IV: Why?

M: I don’t know.

IV: Sure you do.  How does it feel?

M: I’m tired.  I don’t have any ambition.

IV: Go on…more.

M: am frustrated.  Too many things aren’t going my way right now.  I’m discouraged. I’m stuck.

IV: Stuck?

M: Yes, Stuck.

IV: Where are you stuck?

M: In so many areas…at my age, I’m not where I thought/hoped I would be.

IV: Ok…dig deeper.

M: Stuck, stuck, stuck.

IV: Go on…give me specifics.

M:Stuck in my financial level.  Stuck in physical weight.  Job is unsatisfactory. My life isn’t  fun.  I miss my kid.

IV: I hear you…so, what are you going to do to get “unstuck”?

M: Baby steps.

IV: Ok…how?

M: Each area I’m stuck in, I’ll do baby steps to get myself out of them.

IV: Easier said than done.  So, how are you doing that?

M: Well, I’ll write down each area I’m stuck in and then write down various baby steps and make sure I do something every day and check it off.

IV: That sounds like an interesting concept.  Do you think it will work?

M: Well, it should work to get me moving a bit and maybe I’ll feel better about it and a break through will develop.

IV: Sounds good to me.  Get started then.

After this session, I had a renewed sense of hope and interest.  Got out the notebook and wrote down all of the areas I felt stuck in and baby steps.  (Since I never do anything half way, I had 12 areas that I felt stuck in/dis-satisfied in…a page for each).  Some have many baby steps, some have very few at the moment.  But, it’s a start and I feel energized once again.  If I get stuck in any one area, I simply will do this exercise again.

This technique plus the Dump list are two great ways to get yourself moving/motivated again.

til next time…Eva




2 thoughts on “Getting Un-Stuck

    • Glad you like it Fiona. I use it a lot…even tonight…was in a crabby mood today and this helped me get out of it. It’s great when you are feeling negative and nothing positive/good is in you at the moment. Sometimes it takes quite a while and quite a few pieces of paper before I am feeling “myself” again. 🙂 Eva

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