Days when frustration levels are high…

I realize that many of us who are over 50 have difficulties with computers and everything having to do with them  because we didn’t grow up with that technology.  The “for Dummies” books even have a separate version for over 50s.

Combine any computer problems with limited finances and you have headaches.

My journey started in April when my USB ports “fried” suddenly for some unknown reason.  Nothing I tried worked and the only alternative was to buy a new computer.  My Windows 7 computer worked just fine otherwise.

With my need to download photos for my blog, etsy and ebay accounts…my daughter gave me enough money to purchase an inexpensive small thinkpad(which has Windows 10 installed).  That arrived last week and hope surged within me once again.

Nothing downloaded from my camera.  I thought I would need an adapter of some sort because it seemed the USB cord from my camera didn’t fit properly into the port.

On my way home from work today, I stopped in at Staples with my thinkpad and camera cord.  Apparently it fit ok so no adapter needed.  The technician inquired how old my camera was.  “Old”, I replied…(got it in 2004…guess we could call it a dinosaur at this point).

He suggested I go on the camera’s website(Sony) to see if maybe there were special requirements for the Windows 10.

Got home, went on to the website.  Whole list of camera numbers that worked…mine wasn’t on the list.  Was able to get a representative named Gladys on chat.

She verified my observation and gave me the suggestion to either downgrade my computer from a 10 to a 7 or buy a new camera.

So, back to almost square 1…5 months of no photos…guess now I start saving up and looking for an inexpensive camera to use.

I seriously wonder why I am being given these lessons right now…it’s all been a struggle.  Is the Universe telling me to focus my attention on something else?  Something else that I flow down the stream effortlessly and joyfully?

Trust me, that sounds like one lovely option right now.

til next time…Eva

6 thoughts on “Days when frustration levels are high…

  1. It may not be of any help but: … from a similar experience where my computer threw a sicky, I came up with an idea which worked for me, (and still works now).

    I simply load photographs into an email (roughly 5 an email, – but if they’re BIG photos with lots of pixels only do maybe 2) and then I send them to myself.
    What I mean by this is:
    if my email address was (say)
    I’d open that email account up and in a new email I’d load the photos I wanted to send, and title the email so that it gives a clue as to what’s inside the email.
    Then I’d click to send it to myself at the cobs@madeupemailaddy etc address.

    That way, ANY computer you open your email account on will be able to see the photos, and you’ll be able to save them to that computer you’re on – or to a USB stick – so that you still have them.

    The computer shop should have also told you that they could extract the photos for you (at a fee) and give them to you on (say) a usb.

    But the cheapest way is to send them to yourself.
    Hope this perhaps helps.

  2. I agree with thecobwebemporium; emailing to yourself may seem roundabout, but it could work. We often have our college students do that if they’re seemingly “stuck” with mismatched software and hardware.
    Also, if you’re not used to the tablet, have you checked to see if that has a built-in camera function? Most of them do now, and you may be able to take photos directly with the tablet itself, do any editing or adjusting there, and then use a USB connector or an SD card or whatever it comes with to transfer your photos.

    • The camera on this thinkpad is on the front to be used I assume for talking to someone. I need to take the time to study it more. Thanks for the suggestion Jennifer.

  3. Although floating downstream does sound lovely in all this heat, and we’ve definitely had the thunderstorms to provide the hydro-highway too…

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