Differences in Perception

vintage print of dandelion

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been really noticing how differently we all think and react about life.  Maybe because of the election year here in the US triggered it all or maybe I’m just spending more time contemplating that I used to…who knows.

The Dandelion print is a case in point…to many, the dandelion is just a weed…something to get rid of in any way possible.  To others, it’s food in the spring time and wine.  To another group it’s quite a magical plant…first that vibrant yellow and then the white puffy seed pod to blow and make wishes.

So, here goes:

1. Money. now I’m well aware this all depends on how much you have access to, charges, family history, etc.  If something in the home breaks, needs or repairs…or you are just plain tired of it.

Group A…immediately will go out/go online and purchase a new one or get a repair person.  There is no second guessing about it.  This is nothing to even waste time thinking about it.

Group B…they shop around for a while, save up for it or think about it but eventually get it somewhat quickly.  It’s a pain, an unexpected expense but not that big a deal.

Group C…having something break/or need repairs becomes a big deal and a hardship.  Many times it doesn’t get replaced unless one is found used or free.  This group does without or finds an alternative.


2. Gas…it’s interesting to see how various people react to the gasoline levels in their car.

Group A…if their gas  level edges close to 1/4 tank, they get nervous and put gas in.

Group B…the group who seems to find it a fun challenge to see how far on gas fumes they are able to go.


3. Food

Group A…the group who when you open any of their cabinets/refrigerator, there are multiples of every item.  They have multiple refrigerators and freezers.

Group B…the group who uses up what they have to the degree that many times the only item in the freezer is ice.


4. Clothing

Group A…the group who has kept every different size of clothing(just in case).  Boxes and boxes of shoes in their closet…and still has nothing to wear.

Group B…the group who has the “minimalist wardrobe”…a minimal amount of items and all color coordinated.

Group C…the group who have a large amount of clothing but it all fits, is coordinated into different types(work, dress, leisure) and shoes as well.


5. Decorations

Group A…the group who finds great joy in decorating for the seasons/holidays.  The whole house is decorated…inside and out.

Group B…the group who concentrates on one room and some decorations outside.

Group C.. the group who puts a decoration on the door and calls it done.


6. Cleaning when company is expected

Group A…this is the group who go through the whole house on a regular basis(or have someone clean for them) and are always company ready.

Group B…the group who does the basics…bathroom, living room vacuumed and dusted, and guest room if necessary.

Group C…the group who goes tearing through the room/house just before company is expected(or you see them pulling in the driveway) with an empty wash basket and dumping everything in there to tidy it up.


7. Appointments

Group A…the group who when they have to be somewhere(appointment, work, etc.) they are always there early…1/2-1 hour early.  The one who is waiting for everyone else.

Group B…the group who is pretty much on time…

Group C…the group who believes in the term, “fashionably late”.  The one who others are always waiting for.


It’s all about perception, isn’t it?  And if you and I have different perceptions(say the gas example.) we are not going to fully understand one another.  I’m the one with the fear of running out of gas.  If I edge towards 1/4 tank or slightly below, I get very nervous.  My daughter’s boyfriend finds it a challenge to see how far he can go on the gas after it reaches empty.

These cases of perception can sometimes make it difficult in our home/work situations…can’t they?  Guess many times we just have to think of that rule…don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff.

Have a good Sunday!

til next time…Eva







One thought on “Differences in Perception

  1. A very thought provoking post, Eva.
    I too get ‘anxious’ when I see the level of petrol (gas) in my car reach the 1/4 level and my need to refill is so great that it can be overwhelming.
    My worry is based in a (kind of) fear that something could happen in the middle of the night, which we’d need the car for, and … what if there wasn’t enough petrol in the tank to get us to where we needed to be, and the nearest open (at that time of night) petrol station was quite a distance away and we didn’t have enough petrol to get there!

    And yet … when I was younger these things didn’t even cross my mind. My car could be running on fumes and I still wouldn’t worry.

    I cannot explain that at all.
    Wishes ~ Cobs. x

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