Why we have Pets

WHY WE HAVE PETS  by Eva Andrew, 2016


There are some people in your life

Who don’t really care

About anything you have to say


The “safe” topics to talk about

Dwindle down to a paltry few

And you are at a loss.

Not really knowing how to

Regain your power.

The years passed so quickly

and you’ve forgotten whether

You ever did have power.

Before the Dementors took over.

Zapping your joy and your energy.

Not an easy power to regain

But you must.

One day at  time.

Eliminating one Dementor at a time.

Loving yourself first again –

Then attracting others who enjoy

being with you and who care.

Being cherished rather that merely tolerated

Once again.

This is why we need and have

Pets in our lives.



4 thoughts on “Why we have Pets

  1. Being mostly Harry Potter illiterate, I had to look up Dementors — very useful category and all too true! Also followed up with Patronus Charms — would guess many of our Spirit Guardians are Petronuses.

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