Resisting the Pigeon Holes

“Put your awareness on the distance that you have already traveled in this one lifetime, and let all of your accomplishments sink in.  There is so much to come but there is always time to celebrate.” Archangel Michael channeled by Daniel Scranton 9/23/16


It’s interesting to decipher various messages we’ve received during the past week.  Society as a whole tends to pigeon hole us via sex, age, race, religion, education, wealth, jobs and social status.(plus the many more categories).  You’re “expected” to be and act a certain way in each of the above categories.

This apparently has been my week to experience the “age” category…and it has not been a pleasant one.

I fully realize that it has been a “youth culture” for quite some time now and having a 20-something daughter makes me fully aware of it.  Open any magazine and basically after age 50 you no longer exist in the  interesting  advertisements.  Anyone over 50 and the advertisements gravitate towards the “age-isms”…multi-prescriptions, assisted living, burial insurance,  medical alert systems, walk in bath-tubs, walkers,  stair elevators.  It’s as if you are automatically required to self destruct at a certain age and become weak, feeble and ill.  If you don’t have any strong role models, I can well imagine it is difficult not to gravitate towards it.

I hear comments from my age group that tells me they are buying into the old age- isms.  I have recently found myself mentally thinking of some of them and counteract it with a youth-ism.

I was recently forwarded a website/blog done by Ellen Wood by a friend of mine.  Ellen apparently had been a neighbor of hers when she lived in New Mexico years ago.  Imagine my surprise when I read a blog post by Ellen that she was originally from my hometown and that her father was the shoe repair man we used to go to!

Ellen is the author of a book(Think and Grow Young) and has a website/blog(  She is presently 80 and looks 50.  I eagerly have been reading her book and doing her suggestions…and I note that I am gradually absorbing the “youth-isms” again.

I will say, it also helps that I have positive role models…”Aunt Frances” at 103, Angie at 98, Mr. B at 89, Inga at 88…all of them still positive, vibrant, active and enjoying life the way they want to…not how society wants them to.  Resisting being pigeon holed…sounds good to me!

til next time…Eva


4 thoughts on “Resisting the Pigeon Holes

  1. Good for you! Have no problem saying I’m chronologically 61 — just indicates that many trips around the sun so far. Listening to my mom buy in to old age (she’s been working on that premise at least since she was 50-something, doing herself no favors, and still going at 89) has really made me focus on maintaining if not improving over the years. Some years, I do better at that than others. But choosing to see that as the better option, for myself and for those around me, and realizing that it is a choice feels so much better! Opens us up to solutions and pattern changes called for rather than just cutting the same old grooves deeper and deeper.

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