Animal Friends Don’t Disappoint

There is one thing I must say about my animal friends…they never disappoint me, unlike their human counterparts.  They are always honest with their feelings and don’t hold grudges plus they allow me to be my silly self.

I have been taking care of my friend’s cats while she is away visiting her son for Thanksgiving weekend.  When I arrived there today, all of them were waiting up at the top of the stairs…Simba meowing, Maggie and Jackie rubbing against the stair posts and purring, and Olive peering through the railing.  When I got up to the kitchen, I realized why…their dry food bowl was totally empty.  I can’t remember that ever happening before…it’s been close to being empty but never totally.

I had my orders to give Simba a pill and 1/3 of a can of food for Olive and Spanky.  I put the food on the plates and left the tin with 1/3 left in it.  When I came back upstairs, the tin was on the floor…empty…don’t know who jumped up there but I am willing to bet it was Simba!

I filled their bowl of food and water and the necessary talking and petting.  There is a new cat there at the moment…a kitten by the name of Spanky.  Olive isn’t happy about it because Spanky has now taken over the downstairs bathroom(that has always been the “official” room for the “new” cat or “ill” cat. )   Spanky is about 10 weeks old, black and gray striped with lovely gray eyes.  He was attacked by something unknown and has multiple wounds on his abdomen and legs…gratefully they are healing.

When you lay Spanky on your lap so that you can tend to his wounds(has a special honey salve), he watches your face intently and if whatever you are doing hurts, he touches your face with his paw…as if to say…”be gentle with me. ”  What a little sweetheart…reminds me of my little Beastie.

I didn’t have my catnip treats along today though and they were not happy with me.

I also saw my dog friend Rocky today(he’s a Yorkie).  When I come to his house, he is always waiting right by the door as I come in…tail wagging and tongue in gear.

His family had gone out Black Friday shopping and I was there cleaning. Whenever I use the vacuum cleaner, he comes from wherever he had been napping and sits in front of me…”excuse me,  but you woke me up.”  This happened 4 times(he never used to do this).  When something exciting happens outside…whether it’s the mailman or someone walking their dog down the street…he comes running out and expects me to go into the room with him and look out the window.  I do and then tell him what it was…plus praise him.

I am grateful for my little animal friends…I always know where I stand with them and can always be myself.

til next time…Eva

Update:  12/13/16  My friend texted me a week ago to let me know that little Spanky had a massive stroke and crossed rainbow bridge.  I cried buckets.  Little Spanky was a kitten I would have adopted in a heartbeat had I been able to.


Olive…the little gray cat

I smile whenever I think of Olive.  My friend has been foster mom for Olive and whenever she goes away, I take care of her cat children.

Olive came to the shelter as a stray…a wee gray cat infested with fleas.  What makes Olive so special is that her back legs are unusual…the one is much longer than usual and curls backwards.  The other one is straight with no knee cap. She also has a crooked tail.

When Olive walks/runs, there is a flurry of action with her back legs(remember Pig Pen from Charlie Brown?)  Her favorite thing to do is use the scratching post…actually she has taken over the scratching post…none of the others are allowed to use it anymore, according to Olive!  When I first saw her using it, she reminded me of Mohammed Ali using his punching bag!  If any of the other cats come close to the scratching post when she is there, they will get a swat.

Whenever you sit down, she will crawl up into your lap…look straight into your eyes and then pat your cheek very softly with her one paw.  If that doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will.

A dear little cat and they are now looking for her forever home…hopefully one where she can be the only fur child.  Someone who needs her love as much as she needs theirs’.

Hope you enjoy this little video clip the local SPCA put up today:

til next time…Eva