The Vegetable Skillet…My Go-To Meal

001Photograph by Eva, 2015

This past summer I started needing meals that just didn’t take a lot of time to cook.  I needed Vegetarian meals that were quick, easy and delicious as well.  One night I hit upon what I call the “Vegetable Skillet” and have been making it once/twice every week ever since.  The beauty behind this is that it can be adjusted by number of servings, whether it is a side dish or main dish, and variations.

   The Vegetable Skillet…My Go-To Meal


 a.  Large skillet or large pot

b.  Oil and one cup of water

c. The basic vegetables I use are: Onion, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Eggplant, Red/Green Peppers, and Tomatoes.  (chop the onions, cut up the other vegetables into bitesize pieces and the tomatoes into slices)

d.  Cheese of your choice(I’ve used Mozzarella, Garlic cheese, cheddar cheese, American cheese…so, whatever you happen to have in the house is absolutely ok!)

e. Herbs, Salt and Pepper(I used garlic powder, basil, dried herbs, dill…whatever you and your family enjoy. )


Ok, heat the oil in the skillet/pot.  Add the chopped onions, peppers and mushrooms and sauté.  When sautéed, add the zucchini and eggplant and stir a bit.  At this point, turn the heat down to simmer, add 1 cup of water.

Add your herbs and spices and stir well.  Then add the sliced tomatoes on top.

At this point, place a lid on top and steam for about 20 minutes.  About five minutes before you are ready to serve, add the cheese on top, place the lid on until the cheese has melted.  Ready to serve!

My husband has to have a potato with everything…so I always make potatoes for him and he also has meat of some kind.  I eat this as my main course with a small green salad and we have some nice crusty bread with it.  I love when there are leftovers that I can have for lunch the next day.

Note:  To give you an idea of the amount of veggies I use for the two of us…one medium onion, one small zucchini or a half large one, half of a decent sized eggplant, half a red or green pepper, 6 mushrooms sliced, one large tomato sliced, if sliced cheese…2-4 slices.

Enjoy!  til next time…Eva