A Case of Giggles

014aZowie…photo taken by Eva


“I love to laugh
Loud and long and clear
I love to laugh
It’s getting worse ev’ry year
The more I laugh
The more I fill with glee
And the more the glee
The more I’m a merrier me”
(Mary Poppins song…I Love to Laugh}
   Remember the scene in Mary Poppins when they are visiting Bert’s Uncle Albert…who is floating up in the ceiling because of his laughter?  Eventually Bert and the children are up there too, laughing.  Mary Poppins is the only one still standing and still serious.
  I guess I could say that I take myself and life too seriously most times.  It’s not that I truly want to be that way and it’s not that I am negative per se.  I guess you could say I’m the serious/”sensible” type…where deep inside is that inner child who loved to laugh and have fun/do fun things.
   I read recently  that young children laugh/smile up to 300 times a  I realize it’s all a matter of what we look at and whether we are open to it.  For the last couple of days, my horoscopes and other readings have pointed towards looking/noticing the joyful side of life.
   Today it started off with the giggles.  I’ve been sleeping in the basement on my Mom’s old sofa because it’s been too hot to sleep upstairs. On the small table in front of the sofa, I’ve had Zowie in her birdcage and she has it partially covered with a light cloth at night.
   I woke up this morning to find her on her bottom perch staring at me.  When she realized I was awake, she got all excited, flapped her wings and started peeping.  Giggle #1.
   I had work this morning and had arranged to meet at a friend’s house for lunch.  I told her about a sewing challenge I was doing for September – you are required to sew 5 items of clothing from the same pattern.  Since I haven’t sewn clothing in a while, it had to be something simple…so I decided on using my fabric stash for pajama pants.  She got a gleam in her eyes and left…bringing back a pair of her too-short pajama pants.  “Could you make me a pair…or two?”   Giggle #2.
   Got home and waited for my daughter’s daily phone call on her way from work.  She told me first that her boyfriend’s best friend broke up with his girlfriend…once again(this is the third time).  I commented that, yes, that was sad.  “Mom, you don’t understand.  That “Girl’s Weekend” I am going on this weekend…well, she’s riding in the same car I am.  Also, the concert we are going to, I have no clue who this band is.  And third, the birthday girl is the same age as I am but the other three women are all 47. It’s going to be a disaster!”  Giggle # 3   (“Mom, why are you laughing?  It is NOT funny!”  “It is from where I am sitting.”
   I was ready to take the garbage out after dinner.  I noticed that the neighbor’s dog “Barkley” was in my yard by the birdbath…barking at me, looking at his yard and then looking at me and barking once again.  I was confused for a minute and then it dawned on me that they have an electric fence and he didn’t want to cross it alone.  (self punishment is so over rated).  I got Benji’s old leash and Barkley eagerly went along with me over the fence…well, actually he pulled me over.  Giggle #4.
   4 Giggles in one day…so far.  And you know, it really felt good.  I do love to laugh and feel my eyes crinkle up and my mouth move to a grin.
   Lets hope it continues 🙂
   til next time…Eva

Playing GOD


I was outside on my porch hanging some wash when I noticed with horror that my neighbor’s 3-year old son Logan had climbed to the top of the neighbor’s car.  As he walked on the back windshield  to step onto the roof (I envisioned the back window shattering under his weight!), I knew I had to do something quickly yet not startle him at the same time and make him fall off the car.

I ducked down so he couldn’t see me and cupped my hands together and called out as gently as I could, “Logan…oh Logan..”

Logan stopped, looked up into the sky and said, “GOD?”

“Yes”, I replied, “it’s GOD…now Logan, I  need your help.”

The little boy was nodding his head fiercely, “yes, GOD!”

“Logan, I want you to get off of the car…NOW!”

I could hear him muttering, “Yes, GOD…Yes, GOD” as he scrambled off of the car as fast as his little legs could go and ran into the house screaming, “Mommy!  Mommy!  GOD’s out here!”

Logan is 20 now and whenever I see him, I remember that day all those years ago and smile to myself…when I pretended I was GOD.

til next time…Eva

Catnip Capers

I take care of my friend’s furbabies whenever she goes away…and it can range from a weekend trip to visit her son or a three week getaway.  This time it’s one of the longer ones.  I go over once a day to check on them, their food, litter boxes, water, etc.

Maggie(the little gray one) loves fresh catnip and since I always have a pot of catnip, I usually bring her a few fresh leaves.  She waits for me at the top of the stairs when I come in the door and if I don’t have catnip, she gives me that look of utter disbelief that I had forgotten.  Since it’s been such a cold winter, my catnip isn’t doing too well(plus Kitty has been taking his daily vitamins from it), so all I had was a small bag I had dried a while ago.

I sprinkled some dried catnip on the rug and she proceeded to roll around in it.  Next came Jackie(the orange one) and lastly Simba(the black cat)…all three rolling around in the dried catnip.  I closed the bag and put it in a safe spot…or so I thought.

Today I came to the door and all three of them were waiting at the top of the stairs…something that never happens.  As I am greeting them, I notice an empty plastic bag…the supposedly “safe spot” wasn’t safe after all!  Their three faces all looking down at the empty bag when I asked them what happened…as if to say, “oh, gee, I didn’t even notice that bag there…”  I laughed out loud and continued laughing the rest of the day thinking about those little rascals.

I still can’t figure out how they knew where it was…  Totally empty and the three of them were in a terrific mood!  I get to the dried food and that was totally empty as well..something that never happens in just one day.  Simba had had sinus problems for a while but after this catnip he seemed to be feeling better…

Well, no more catnip for them this time around…not unless my plant starts growing like crazy.


Using Up Your Words…

I was talking to my client yesterday when I was at her house and she was talking about her children.  She has 4…her daughter is the oldest and three sons.  The 3 oldest were born quite closely together(1 1/2 years apart) and the youngest was 6 years later.

She remarked that is she’d had the youngest one first, he would have been an only child!  He gave her more gray hairs than the other three together…and that’s saying something…

He apparently would hide all the time.  If they would go to a store, she would have to hold on to his hand all the time so he wouldn’t dash off.  Invariably, it would happen every time and he would find a place to hide…under the racks, on a shelf with clothing, in the dressing room(one time it was closing time and she finally found him hiding in the dressing room…)

He learned to climb out of his crib at an early age(“I swear, he was a monkey”).  She said that her husband had even added an extra piece onto the crib…but he’d get out anyway.  One night she woke up hearing the water running.  She found him in the bathroom standing in front of the sink playing with his toys in the water.

He tended to talk and ask questions constantly.  His sister and brothers would get so annoyed because he would talk when they were doing homework, playing a game, reading, watching tv, etc.

One day, they told him, “We are born with only a certain number of words.  If you talk too much, you’ll eventually use up all of your words.  And you are pretty close to having no words left.”  When he asked what would happen, they told him that when you use up all of your words, no one can hear you anymore.

A day or so later, they told him, “Oh, now you’ve done it…you’ve used up all of your words!”  They then pretended not to hear him.

He started screaming and ran home…slamming the front door and screaming for his mother.  When she came running to where he was, “What’s wrong?  Why are you screaming?  Are you hurt?”  The tears stopped and he looked at her with wonder…”You mean you can hear me?”  “Of course I can hear you.”  “You mean I didn’t use up all my words?”

He told her the story and she was waiting that afternoon for the other three to come home. (She said that she had to go to the bathroom for a while to finish laughing before she could reprimand the other three with a straight face.”

til next time…Eva

The Tree Top Angel


Photo by Eva…a little putz house made from a Christmas card with vintage Santa and a pinecone.

My friend called me over to see her newly decorated Christmas tree(I don’t know if you are familiar with the British sitcom “Keeping Up With Appearances” but there is an episode where Hyacinth Bucket is having a dinner party and has set the table.  She called over her neighbor Elizabeth to get  her opinion.  Elizabeth knows that her opinion is expected to be a good one…my friend is a Hyacinth and I am an Elizabeth)…

I walked into the living room…not a huge room by any means…ceilings are 8 feet tall.  The tree was ginormous!  7 feet tall and almost as wide filled with glittery pink, purple and silvery ornaments.  String upon string of white lights.  I put my hand to my mouth and said, “oh!” and knowing she expected it, “it’s gorgeous!  You have outdone yourself!”

She squeals delightedly and turns to her husband sitting in the chair reading his paper, “See!  She said it’s gorgeous!.  I told you she’d love it!”  I looked over at him as he rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

She started talking about the various ornaments as I looked up to the ceiling and noticed the angel tree topper.  I had never seen such an angel topper before.  It was at least 2 feet tall, wings were impressive, the head and the hands were quite large in proportion to the body and the face was very masculine.

With the tree being so tall, the angel tree topper had no space to spare.  The angel head and shoulders leaned forward and instead of the hands being in prayer mode, they were outstretched menacingly like a zombie out to get you!   It was an angel of future nightmares!

I got home and dissolved into giggles and just finished when  I got to think of the inflatable ornaments people have right now that look great when they are inflated but when you go by later, they look like the snowman who has melted and his hat, arms, nose, and eyes are all on the ground in a pile.

And lastly, there is a house in the mountains that my daughter and I used to pass on the way home from college.  During the Christmas season there are hundreds of Santa blow molds glowing in the dark woods…it is nothing short of spooky to see all those Santas in the dark woods!

I got my much needed giggles for today…hope you get yours as well 🙂

til next time…Eva