Summer’s End

001aphotograph by Eva, 2105

My neighbor and I look forward to church rummage sales and yard sales all summer long.  We make a morning of it on most Saturdays…leaving early(some of the sales start at 7), sometimes stopping for coffee or breakfast(some of the breakfast spots we go to have $2 breakfast specials…eggs, toast and coffee!).  The last group of the church rummage sales are usually end of October/early November.

I’ve noticed we’ve become more selective as time goes by…both of us used to buy a lot more items for our Etsy shops, but now we buy items that we or loved ones would use.

Today I came home with a small food processor/food chopper…never used…for $2(already used it to make my bean burgers…chopped onions without tears!)  and a set of hand weights(5 lbs) for $2 (have needed these for my arms and shoulders for ages).  I also found a 1 yard piece of muslin that I plan to experiment with(last week I had gotten a set of 10 iron on sheets to print photos on.)  I would like to do a picture of Beastie to put on a pillow for my daughter. …maybe this will make her feel better…or maybe not.  I could also make her a pillow with a picture of her father and me…just in case she forgets what we look like, ha ha!

I know that the yard sales are ending very soon and I know that my favorite farm stand closed this afternoon.  I went yesterday to stock up…but there is a limit to how much fresh fruit and veggies I can fit in the fridge.  One item I had to buy was watermelon…and I fully realize this is probably the last watermelon I’ll have this season(unless I am super lucky).

I have had a love affair with watermelon for as long as I can remember… I had my first taste of it when we were on our way down to Florida and I was six.  Back then, when you  stopped at a roadside stand and  wanted a watermelon, they would cut a plug out of it so that you could see it was ripe.

My husband chuckles when I bring watermelon home…and often asks, “was that the biggest one?” (and yes, it was!).

Yes…summer’s end…Summer  seems to be shorter every year as I get older. And much as I like the cooler(NOT cold) weather and the fabulous leaf colors, I wish it lasted longer.

til next time…Eva