A Visit with “Aunt Frances”

003Photo by Eva…Black Eyed Susans, Summer 2014

I visited my neighbor’s “Aunt Frances” yesterday.(she’s the lovely lady who unbelieveably is 100 years old).    I spend two hours there cleaning up a little, dusting, vacuuming, and whatever needs doing.  I walked in at 9 and she was still in her jammies sitting on the sofa.  “I need you to find my needle…I can’t sew the afghan pieces together without it”.

“Aunt Frances” is crocheting 6 granny square afghans for Christmas gifts…for her great grand-children.  There are 197 squares In each afghan and each have to be sewn together(doing one of these would be enough for me….)  She has 4 completely done and sewn, one is ready to sew but she needs to set the rows on the bed to determine if they are the way she wants them to be and the last one still needs some squares crocheted.

I had to take her sofa apart(taking the cushions off to see if the needle had fallen in the cracks), move the sofa(all we found were some of her cat’s toys…the cat was joyful to see her toys again and started batting the balls around), shake the rug by the sofa and hoping at this point we would find the needle.  No needle.  “Oh drats” she says, “that means I probably lost it in my knitting basket again…that’s going to take some time… The last time I lost my needle, it took me two hours before I found it in the basket!”  and she giggles while shaking her head.

Today was a special practice day for the Community Chorus(for their upcoming Christmas Concert) so she had decided not to get dressed until closer to when she would be picked up.  She came out dressed in an outfit of navy blue slacks, a navy and white checkered jacket and a white ruffled blouse.  “I made this blouse in 1983…you would not believe how long it took with all these ruffles.  And the buttonholes, whew!  And talking about buttonholes, look at the buttonholes on this jacket…my daughter made this jacket for me…they are bound buttonholes.  I never learned how to do them.”   ( Aunt Frances was supervisor at a local clothing factory for 30 years…)

She seemed a bit on the sad side this time.  Her son and family were leaving for Florida that day I was there…they had bought a place in a retirement community down there and her daughter and husband were moving down as well(different areas in Florida) …and leaving this Friday.  Both had invited her to move down there with them, that they had plenty of room for her but she refused.  “I can’t understand WHY they would want to live in a community with only old people.  I told them, I don’t like living with old people. Also, I can’t live in Florida…there are alligators and crocodiles roaming all over the place! )  I mentioned at this point that “oh, there aren’t alligators and crocodiles everywhere down there…”   “Well, there are more than enough of them and other animals I am not used to.  I know I wouldn’t like it.  I like it where I am.  I don’t mind the winter. ”

When they first told her they were moving down there and she refused to go with them, they told her she would then need to move into an assisted living facility.  She refused.  The only thing she would do was get one of those Alert systems, which she did.  The rest of the family rallied together and said they would do whatever needed to be done so that she could stay in her home.

First test…I asked her what she was doing for Thanksgiving…”probably nothing…”  I alerted my neighbor of this development…by that evening, Aunt Frances had 3 invitations…

love this lady!

til next time…Eva