Summer’s Last Rose

007photo by Eva

Autumn for me is a bitter-sweet time of year.

On the one hand it can be a lovely time of year…the leaves changing to vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange(and the not so vibrant browns).  Various berries and nuts which have the squirrels and chipmunks gathering at a feverish pace.

Farmers harvesting their final crops of corn, pumpkins, potatoes and apples.

People decorating their homes with corn stalks, pumpkins, colorful mums, bales of hay/straw and Indian corn.

The weather becoming cooler meaning we need warmer clothes and blankets at night.

The nights become darker earlier and the urge comes back  to light candles again for the ambiance it offers.

Baking the treats of the season…using apples and pumpkin.

On the other hand…many of my bird friends will soon be leaving.  The butterflies will be gone for the winter.  My garden will become bare and brown once again.


These past few days I had been feeling out of sorts for some unexplainable reason and searching for reasons why…

Read about the full moon and how this particular one was significant for making goals and spirituality.  Sounded good and definitely going to look more into it.  but don’t think that was why I was out of sorts.

Thinking about the change of seasons and life in general…upcoming election in the US, general dis-ease of those around me, various drama from family members and friends…not that I have to absorb any of that drama and dis-ease…and I try not to for the most part…meditation and reiki help a lot in that respect.

I decided to take a pre-dusk walk down in my small garden…the butterfly bushes still have their fragrant purple blooms and in the early evening they are especially fragrant.  Spending some time watching the various moths and bugs on the bushes and breathing in the scent always calms me down.  Walking further and in the one part of my garden, actually this is my pet cemetery, there was blooming my last rose of summer.  A perfect deep red bloom and totally unexpected.  The fragrance was strong and musky and I kept breathing it in.  Deep breaths…as if my life depended on it.  And in a way, it did.  This single gift of a rose saved my life today…it gave me back my peace of mind and soul.  It is presently in a vase next to me and continues to give me pleasure.

May you find your last rose of summer…whatever that may be.

til next time…Eva






Mr. B

My client every other Monday is Mr. B…recently celebrated his 89th birthday, widower for several years now and one of his daughters and her cocker spaniel Freddy are presently living with him.

My work day there starts with a cup of coffee and a chat that lasts almost an hour.  I hear stories about his deceased wife, his children’s and grandchildren’s activities and accomplishments, the neighborhood, and the past.

Two weeks ago he went on his annual trip to the beach in NJ…a tradition that started more than 50 years ago…they would always go down a few times during the year but always on that particular week and the same motel.  The friends they made on that particular week had continued coming as well and it was a reunion of sorts every year.  They would keep in touch during the year and spend their “happy hour” out on the motel’s porch together.

The motel has been owned by the same family all this time.  The husband passed away years ago but his widow and daughters still run the motel with the grandchildren working there as well.  Every year the owner(now in her 80s) says to him, “Hope we’ll see you next year” and he replies, “as long as I can, I will be coming down”.

All of Mr. B’s children made it down there this time…no spouses or children allowed.  The siblings were grateful to just be siblings for a week and be all together again.  Days were spent doing what they felt like doing and dinners were eaten out together.  What remains of the week are happy photographs of them all.

Mr. B brings home boxes of fudge and it was chocolate peanut butter this year…with the exception of the little girl next door…his 4 year old friend who comes and sits on the porch with him and Freddy…she got vanilla marshmallow.  His neighbors on each side got fudge, the lady down the street(her husband used to be his best friend), the mail lady and lucky me, I got some as well 🙂  Even though I don’t eat much sugar these days, I will eat the fudge…in small doses.

Mr. B often says he’d like to go down in the Spring for a few days next year….and I hope he does…I hope he does.

til next time…Eva


Last Quarter of 2016

“It is never too late to be what you ‘might have been’ ”  George Eliot

Three months remaining in 2016.  Have you accomplished your aspirations for the year…health-wise?  wealth-wise?  spiritually/emotionally/relationship- wise?

With three glorious yet untouched months ahead, it’s possible to still achieve our goals…to some degree at least.

I’ve come to the realization that it’s all about our daily habits…difficult to get started with but once they’ve been ingrained in your daily routine, everything else seems to fall into place as well.

I’ve spent the past two days mapping out exactly what I want to accomplish but doing it in a different way than before.  The difference?  Well, instead of my old way of saying, “I’m going to lose 10 lbs before year’s end”, I’m saying, “ok, I’m developing these daily habits…which may or may not enable me to lose 10 lbs by Christmas but I realize now that the habits will become an ingrained part of me(hopefully) and achieve even more than the initial weightloss.

Funny thing about habits…this method can also work towards getting rid of the bad ones as well…not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, eating too much sugar, spending too much time watching tv or being online, etc.

It’s also about doing things slowly and consistently so that you don’t burn out and crash.  Case in point…I’d gotten a stepper as a gift from a friend of mine and we both aimed for the 10,000 steps daily.  Being competitive by nature, I was forcing myself to do the 10,000 steps daily and got up to 12,000.  Then my old Achilles injury kicked up again which led to my knee on that leg as well with months of pain.  This time, I’m aiming for 4,000 daily to start and build up…slowly…from there.

So, this time around, my daily health habits will be:

Oil Pulling…Skin Brushing…the 5 Tibetan Rites…Breakfast…Vitamins…and Daily Steps.

Mind you…I also have other goals to achieve and have written a detailed list for myself on them as well.

Do you have anything you still want to achieve by year’s end?  Please write a response and let me know…as well as any tips you may have as well!

til next time…Eva

Resisting the Pigeon Holes

“Put your awareness on the distance that you have already traveled in this one lifetime, and let all of your accomplishments sink in.  There is so much to come but there is always time to celebrate.” Archangel Michael channeled by Daniel Scranton 9/23/16


It’s interesting to decipher various messages we’ve received during the past week.  Society as a whole tends to pigeon hole us via sex, age, race, religion, education, wealth, jobs and social status.(plus the many more categories).  You’re “expected” to be and act a certain way in each of the above categories.

This apparently has been my week to experience the “age” category…and it has not been a pleasant one.

I fully realize that it has been a “youth culture” for quite some time now and having a 20-something daughter makes me fully aware of it.  Open any magazine and basically after age 50 you no longer exist in the  interesting  advertisements.  Anyone over 50 and the advertisements gravitate towards the “age-isms”…multi-prescriptions, assisted living, burial insurance,  medical alert systems, walk in bath-tubs, walkers,  stair elevators.  It’s as if you are automatically required to self destruct at a certain age and become weak, feeble and ill.  If you don’t have any strong role models, I can well imagine it is difficult not to gravitate towards it.

I hear comments from my age group that tells me they are buying into the old age- isms.  I have recently found myself mentally thinking of some of them and counteract it with a youth-ism.

I was recently forwarded a website/blog done by Ellen Wood by a friend of mine.  Ellen apparently had been a neighbor of hers when she lived in New Mexico years ago.  Imagine my surprise when I read a blog post by Ellen that she was originally from my hometown and that her father was the shoe repair man we used to go to!

Ellen is the author of a book(Think and Grow Young) and has a website/blog(  She is presently 80 and looks 50.  I eagerly have been reading her book and doing her suggestions…and I note that I am gradually absorbing the “youth-isms” again.

I will say, it also helps that I have positive role models…”Aunt Frances” at 103, Angie at 98, Mr. B at 89, Inga at 88…all of them still positive, vibrant, active and enjoying life the way they want to…not how society wants them to.  Resisting being pigeon holed…sounds good to me!

til next time…Eva


Why we have Pets

WHY WE HAVE PETS  by Eva Andrew, 2016


There are some people in your life

Who don’t really care

About anything you have to say


The “safe” topics to talk about

Dwindle down to a paltry few

And you are at a loss.

Not really knowing how to

Regain your power.

The years passed so quickly

and you’ve forgotten whether

You ever did have power.

Before the Dementors took over.

Zapping your joy and your energy.

Not an easy power to regain

But you must.

One day at  time.

Eliminating one Dementor at a time.

Loving yourself first again –

Then attracting others who enjoy

being with you and who care.

Being cherished rather that merely tolerated

Once again.

This is why we need and have

Pets in our lives.


Case of Pot calling the Kettle Black…

An old friend of mine has gradually been gaining weight over the last 10 years.  We used to walk every night after dinner until she couldn’t anymore due to her job.

Gradually the health concerns arrived…sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, acid reflux, high blood pressure and then she started having trouble walking…knee and hip.  I was with her when she picked up a new medication…I read the side effects first.  “Have you read the side effects of this?”  “No, I never read them…they scare me.” ! ! !

I’d been telling my husband for quite awhile now that if she doesn’t start being serious and losing weight, she will develop even more issues. (Her doctor has been after her to lose weight for years now…she finally said to him, “if you don’t stop harassing me about my weight, I’ll have to go somewhere else.”)

Two weeks ago we went to our yard sales.  She’d bought a few items for her sister and we dropped by her sister’s house to give them to her.  Her sister had gained weight over the past two years and different issues have developed with her knees and hips.

We needed to go down to her basement for something…she was first…limping and hobbling, my friend was next…limping and hobbling, and I was last…did I mention that I was limping and hobbling as well?

As I am looking at the three of us hanging on to the bannister and walking carefully down the stairs, it hit me.  It really hit me.

Definitely a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Last summer, my husband had a health crisis.  At that point in time, I was just 8 lbs away from my goal weight…the closest I had been in over 20 years…closer to 30.

When I am anxious, I pace and I eat.  Since it was summer, I ate ice cream…mint chocolate chip…1/2 gallon in 2 days.

Not paying attention/caring, my eating habits reverted back to my former habits of eating at night, wheat products(the peanut butter cookies from Dollar General…a pack disappeared in one day) plus the ice cream.

It got to the point that after my husband would go to bed at 9 pm, I’d be at my computer and the thought “hmmm, what can I eat?” would pop into my head and I just didn’t think/care.

During the winter, I realized that my clothes were tighter and my winter coat didn’t fit like it had the year before…but it didn’t hit me.

In the New Year, I began having trouble with my Achilles in my left foot again and my multi times daily heartburn was back…and it still didn’t hit me. Achilles(I thought it was my shoes), my veins in my legs were hurting, heartburn and I was getting foot/leg cramps often.  Nope…didn’t hit me.

Until that afternoon walking down the basement steps…limping and hobbling after two  others who I have been saying they needed to lose weight…it finally hit me.

I’d been avoiding the scale pretty much all winter and spring…so it was not a happy sight.  Instead of being within 8 lbs of my goal weight, I was 30.  No wonder the Achilles, the knee, veins, leg cramps, heartburn and headaches.

I went cold turkey.  No gluten whatsoever, no eating after meals, back to my protein/vitamin shake daily, up the water intake, no ice cream…

Within 2 weeks, the heartburn is gone, 10 lbs disappeared quite quickly(am quite aware that is majority  of water weight and also from the gluten).  So now, it will be slower going…but that wake up call really hit me this time and I seriously don’t believe I’ll ever return to that point.

I really wonder why it took that long…and why that was the point…to finally realize I was just as guilty as I’d said my friend was and I couldn’t see it.

Now I am extra observant of other things that I am not presently seeing…is what we criticize in others what we are guilty of ourselves?

til next time…Eva

Differences in Perception

vintage print of dandelion

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been really noticing how differently we all think and react about life.  Maybe because of the election year here in the US triggered it all or maybe I’m just spending more time contemplating that I used to…who knows.

The Dandelion print is a case in point…to many, the dandelion is just a weed…something to get rid of in any way possible.  To others, it’s food in the spring time and wine.  To another group it’s quite a magical plant…first that vibrant yellow and then the white puffy seed pod to blow and make wishes.

So, here goes:

1. Money. now I’m well aware this all depends on how much you have access to, charges, family history, etc.  If something in the home breaks, needs or repairs…or you are just plain tired of it.

Group A…immediately will go out/go online and purchase a new one or get a repair person.  There is no second guessing about it.  This is nothing to even waste time thinking about it.

Group B…they shop around for a while, save up for it or think about it but eventually get it somewhat quickly.  It’s a pain, an unexpected expense but not that big a deal.

Group C…having something break/or need repairs becomes a big deal and a hardship.  Many times it doesn’t get replaced unless one is found used or free.  This group does without or finds an alternative.


2. Gas…it’s interesting to see how various people react to the gasoline levels in their car.

Group A…if their gas  level edges close to 1/4 tank, they get nervous and put gas in.

Group B…the group who seems to find it a fun challenge to see how far on gas fumes they are able to go.


3. Food

Group A…the group who when you open any of their cabinets/refrigerator, there are multiples of every item.  They have multiple refrigerators and freezers.

Group B…the group who uses up what they have to the degree that many times the only item in the freezer is ice.


4. Clothing

Group A…the group who has kept every different size of clothing(just in case).  Boxes and boxes of shoes in their closet…and still has nothing to wear.

Group B…the group who has the “minimalist wardrobe”…a minimal amount of items and all color coordinated.

Group C…the group who have a large amount of clothing but it all fits, is coordinated into different types(work, dress, leisure) and shoes as well.


5. Decorations

Group A…the group who finds great joy in decorating for the seasons/holidays.  The whole house is decorated…inside and out.

Group B…the group who concentrates on one room and some decorations outside.

Group C.. the group who puts a decoration on the door and calls it done.


6. Cleaning when company is expected

Group A…this is the group who go through the whole house on a regular basis(or have someone clean for them) and are always company ready.

Group B…the group who does the basics…bathroom, living room vacuumed and dusted, and guest room if necessary.

Group C…the group who goes tearing through the room/house just before company is expected(or you see them pulling in the driveway) with an empty wash basket and dumping everything in there to tidy it up.


7. Appointments

Group A…the group who when they have to be somewhere(appointment, work, etc.) they are always there early…1/2-1 hour early.  The one who is waiting for everyone else.

Group B…the group who is pretty much on time…

Group C…the group who believes in the term, “fashionably late”.  The one who others are always waiting for.


It’s all about perception, isn’t it?  And if you and I have different perceptions(say the gas example.) we are not going to fully understand one another.  I’m the one with the fear of running out of gas.  If I edge towards 1/4 tank or slightly below, I get very nervous.  My daughter’s boyfriend finds it a challenge to see how far he can go on the gas after it reaches empty.

These cases of perception can sometimes make it difficult in our home/work situations…can’t they?  Guess many times we just have to think of that rule…don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s all small stuff.

Have a good Sunday!

til next time…Eva