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Worth and Worry

A friend of mine had recently written the following on her Facebook wall…”You are not your bills, your butt or your bank account.”

Definitely food for thought.  Really.  How many times do we base our worth and our worry on those three things?

I am certain guilty.  I worry about money and paying of bills. a. lot.  It’s kind of embarrassing in a way because I pride myself towards being a positive person in many ways…but money has a way of crashing down my defenses.

I’m well aware of the adage…what you think about, persists.  I am not fond of the monkey brain continually coming back to the same topic…”uh…that bill is/was due…and you don’t have enough in your account to pay it…uh…what are you going to do about it?”…over and over and over again.

There are several methods used to steer away from the monkey  brain…sometimes they work quite well…sometimes not.

* Thinking back to the Dale Carnegie classes I’d taken years ago we were advised to think of the worst scenario that we could  handle and accept that…and most often it won’t reach that.(so, are you going to die from this? …no…, will you be put in  jail for this?…no…, get fined via a late charge?…maybe/yes.)

* Then there are the different phrases you can say when that worrying thought crops up…

– I don’t have to think about that right now.

-Things have a way of working out, one way or the other.

-I’ve seen things turn around on a dime.


* Journaling your thoughts on paper often enables an answer to appear out of nowhere.

* Expressing yourself physically…go for a walk, put music on and dance around in the living room.

*A habit coach suggested a challenge to push the particular worry back…depending on how  often your monkey brain keeps coming back to it…can you keep from worrying about it for an hour?  Then two hours?  and so on up to 48 hours and longer.

*And although I put meditation and prayer last on this list,  they are where I go first.  Meditation to still my mind at any time.  Prayer to guide me and still my fear. (Archangel Michael has helped me many times).

Worry is a thief.  Worrying about anything robs us of our joy and our energy…in essence, our life.

til next time…Eva


Wake Up Calls

The day my husband was in the Emergency room and transferred to another hospital, my first thoughts were worry for his well being.  Whether he would need surgery, recovery time and research on the internet regarding the condition, procedure, mortality and life expectancy.

I consider myself to be a caring and compassionate person and have done my fair share of worrying about others over the years.  I am totally in control during the daylight hours.  What is it about when the sun goes down and we are surrounded by the dark?  The negativity creeps into the very depths of our soul.  Where we had only the well being of the person concerned before, we now have the dark scary questions that pertain only to ourselves.

Mine were: “what am I going to do to pay the bills?”, “will there be a lot of extra expenses now because of this hospital stay and possible operation?”, “We don’t have a joint account, if he dies, I’m up a creek.”

The list went on and on and by the time I’d finished, I was a mental mess.  My daughter and I had been texting back and forth and although I hadn’t told her all of the thoughts running through my head, her thoughts ran through the vein of, “what if I have to leave this job and go home for a while?”, “What if Mom can’t pay the bills and I know I have some money but not enough to help her.”

Not much sleep for either one of us that night.  I woke up in the morning with my power intact once again, knowing that I just needed to do one thing at a time…and at that moment, that was getting down to the hospital and seeing my husband.  My daughter on the other hand woke up a total mess and stayed home from work just in case she would need to catch a flight home.

I’m not proud of the fact that my thoughts could totally center on my needs at that point in time…I do realize that’s exactly what a “wake up call” is meant to do…enable you to focus on what is necessary.  Because of that night, I now have a list of things that need to be done.  We were given a reprieve this time for a reason.

til next time…Eva